Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye Olympia Missing Colorado Headed to Oregon

Hey guys it is Logan! Our last night at the Bird and Butterfly Garden of 18th St. SE Olympia is here. We have been here a month constructing a porch and having a fun time with Sarika and the wonderful friends we have made through/with her. Going to the lakes and the beach - seeing the beauty in Western Washington has been one of my favorite things to do here. Building the porch was okay, but who wants to learn construction all day everyday. Thankfully Sarika agreed we needed play days. Here we are now the majority of the porch is built and by our hands and minds - it is a complicated beauty. We have been volunteering in the Bird and Butterfly Garden at the Olympia Food Co-op also - this allowed us a great discount and a way to be a part of the community. Through this we have made many new friendships; Laura and sister Jane (much love to these ladies!). Alejandro, the volunteer trainer we just love him we unfortunately did not get any play time. :(  Eireann is a really great friend we have made - we could have met her sooner she is from Connecticut "mostly" and has been a WWOOFer before on the East coast. She helped us a few days with the porch and other projects that needed tending. It is interesting to share and compare traveling stories... Bev our dear friend who hired us to clear her yard of weeds and over growth. This is always fun, we each really enjoy landscaping and have our own individual strengths in different areas. Bev is from Georgia, her southern comfort makes us feel at home. We Love You!... Meilanie is a beautiful soul from SoCal who resides in Portland; she is Shodi's "sister" is a sense, and has spent a few weekends with us hanging out and playing around. She is a poet and book maker - beautiful work if anyone wants to publish something we know your girl. The Bird and Butterfly Garden has a large spectrum of residents in itself. Orion whom lives in the Love Loft with Lupe (a kitty :)) and Ened; they are a cute little family. Casey whom lives in The Hobbit Shire (the practical basement,  but it is not because it has more windows and doors and a kitchen and bathroom, so it is like a sunken story). Casey has and amazing wardrobe and attitude, she gave us the tip in the Twitter (@ourtrvlngtripod) she is a baker (yummy treats!) and loves Austin (the puppy). Cynthia the newest member coming from the east coast is just getting her bearings, but I feel she will fit in great.

Today we put our finishing touches on the porch and started our own project in Teddy. We picked up some cheap left over discount paint from Home Depot for the floors (we tore up the carpet) and the walls. Jordan and I were diligently painting and began to reminisce on our time in Colorado. We miss it. We love our family in Louisiana, nut boy The Rockies cannot be beat. We were never able to go snow boarding of skiing and this we find a problem. The overall decision is to go back stay a while and really live like a coloradoan.

Hitting the road again. I look forward to it every time. Staying one place for a long time reminds me why i am a traveler, i get bored after a while. Moving on down the coast - our goal is Cali by sometime. pahaha Who knows Oregon could be the one. ;) I am excited about the Tillamook Cheese factory tour. Southerners you have not had cheese until you have had Tillamook!!!! The ice cream is like Blue Bell so no biggy there, but the cheese! Maybe find a festival or something to hang at or work if we are lucky. Well guys a lot has happened i feel like it would be wild to give you all every detail, and that just isn't how we do this. So this is it i am out tired of writing. I miss you all and think of you daily. Live long and prosper.

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