Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From California Back to Washington for Cpt. MoonSparrow

Leaving California was especially hard for me. I was leaving behind people and land that I love and the spirit of my Babykitty whom hopefully is living the life I want in the Redwoods. My adventure alone was still great and I often asked myself how Babykitty would have traveled with me. I am sure she would have done fine. I left California after hanging out a few days in Arcata with my friend Jackalope. We had a blast!! We rented a room in a cute little hostel, got tattoos, I fixed my fixed gear and road the hills, and she went to the sauna. Our departure from one another was quite sad; thinking it would be a long time (at least a year) before we would see each other again. #travellife You never get to keep the ones you love. My new motto is "Love and Let Love." You cannot keep these amazing people to yourself.
My travel gear was my bike, an aluminum framed backpack, and a small booksack stuffed with pillow pets. :) They are Babykitty's. From Arcata I made my way to Coos Bay,Or in about 12 hours. Since my travels and meeting the  people I have - spending money on a motel was not in my plan. The street would have to do. First I would try to make a friend that would allow me to crash. The Tioga building was a locked apartment building with a bar called Captains on the bottom. This would be my hangout because it was directly across the street from the bus stop. I met an older retired lady named Valerie whom called me over to her and actually talked me into going to have a beer. She, I thought, may be the one. She was a tough cookie this Valerie, and was not going to allow me to sleep on her floor, but we hung out for the night.  There was a great covered stoop of a Tai-chi studio, next door to the bus stop, this was camp. Luckily my pack included 2 blankets and a ton of cat pillows and pillowpets, so I was probably the most comfortable to ever sleep on the street. HAHA It was slightly cold and definitely misting rain. There were two nights to stay in this town. The bus to Eugene,Or did not leave until Sunday at 6am. My time in Coos Bay was well spent riding around town in the mist, hanging out in a christian coffee shop with wifi, and eating some thai. Saturday night in Coos Bay led me back to the Tioga, maybe Valerie would let me in tonight, but not so much luck. Valerie did connect me with Bill who lived on the edge of town alone in a neighborhood. Bill said I was welcome to stay the night with no funny business. I tried to refuse because I was already at the bus stop, but he said he could bring me back in the morning. How could I refuse "go with the flow right" who knows what could happen to me on the street.  Bill was nice his dog Bud was even nicer. Bud was not fixed. :/ Everything went well I slept with my switch blade in hand and the next morning went outside to pee - as his only bathroom was in his bedroom. I came to learn Bill had little girls that were close to my age and that he was a genuine kind heart. Bill awoke and delivered me to my bus stop - I gave him a hug goodbye he said next time I pass through I have a place to stay.
The bus ride to Eugene allowed me to sleep most of the way. The sleep that was gathered in Coos Bay was not sufficient. Grabbing breakfast in Eugene at a cute little diner by the bus station and ironically across the street from a bar called The Jackalope. (the same name of my Arcata friend) There were a few signs like this on my journey that kept telling me you are on the right track and being looked after. In this diner having coffee and toast I waited for my bus to Portland, Or. On that bus I met a character name Michael. Michael lives outside of Eugene, but was on his way to visit his son and grand kids. This guy was hilarious saying things like "Yeah Adam and Eve were Spearing T-Rex's." and telling jokes about strawberries. It was quite entertaining. Our bikes cuddled under the bus for the ride. Michael also offered me a place to stay next time I pass through. I need to actually send him a card. Portland was scary because a man on one of the rides told me he was held up a block from the bus station, with a gun. This told me not to sleep on the street. No time to waste, it was getting late. I checked my bike in to be loaded on the train the next day and bought my ticket. Luckily unlike Coos Bay; Portland had Hostels, but the Hostel is about 25 blocks over the river and through some hoods. My luggage was not that light, but my stride remained steady, and with the advice of my friend Bean I just kept a mean face on, so no one would fuck with me - switch blade in hand. I also kept an ear behind me. Arrived and got some dinner my train would leave for Spokane tomorrow around 5pm.  That night I called Jor and Bee and caught up with there adventures and asked for some good vibes to get me through Portland. I was only scared because it was finally realized that I am alone and at the time vulnerable. There was contact made with our Caravan of Glam friend Johnny (Lincoln City Coastal Pride), but he responded too late, but also said I was welcome next time.
The train ride was glorious as was the 25 block hike back to the train station. Unfortunately my ride was mostly in the dark otherwise the scenery would have been to die for I am sure. There of course were friends made on this train ride. Nick a young talented artist from Wisconsin whom was visiting family in Oregon. He will travel more in his future he says. Gary from Montana. A state I LOVE and will hopefully visit this summer. Gary of course said I could visit and gifted me my first straw farm hat as good luck. There also needs to be a card to him. Pulling into Spokane I became frantic to reach my things and then my new roomate Thom.
Thom was waiting for me and helped me get my luggage and bike to the truck. Thom and Torie are a WWOOF farm the girls and I stayed on. [Thom and Thow and Footie Farm are the blogs about our stay] This DYNAMITE couple is cool enough to allow me to crash on their farm until I figure out what to do next. They are actually cool enough to allow me to come and go travel as I please. The best thing besides their lax and hilarious personalities is their farm and interest are everything a girl could want. They fill me with education daily and we even learn new things together. We have group projects going and have a few personal projects to keep us busy. Footehills Farm is part of a Permaculture Guild for Spokane and LINC Foods, which supplies local grow produce and beef to Schools and Restaurants in the area. COOL right?
Farming is great the season is just beginning. There is tilling, mulching, seed starting, and fixing up what the snow weighed down. Building compost, bird/bat houses, fences, steps down into the garden. The weeding has even started already. There are a mess of snow berries to be pulled (they are the devil nothing eats them). We hope to have a few WWOOFers join this summer and  I have purchased a bike with gears in hopes of taking a couple months to bike back to California by some route that is undetermined and hopefully meet back up with my partners in crime there. Well until I travel again my friends. In May to Sasquatch Festival to Portland to Olympia and back to Spokane.  Oh The Possibilities!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hoopoe reporting live with all the Birds of Paradise!!!

After much hiking an talking with the lovely boy tripod we picked up we decide we were all heading to the same town before our next move in our chess game of a journey!  Finally reaching the town we decided we would call it a night. The boys went there way an we went ours. With only 40 bucks to our name we had no clue how we were going to make it to our next farm that was another six hours away. So after hours of ideas an options we decided to call it a night an start fresh. The next morning getting up was one of our most silent mornings ever not know what was going to come next. It's now a couple hours later an the boys text us insisting they buy us a beer before heading out. We had nothing to lose an a free beer to gain what could it hurt. We pull up at the very same spot we dropped them off at the day before. After getting out an barely making it to the stop sign before crossing the road and I see a friend of mine! We were both completely lost to how we are both in this small town at the same time an the same corner. So after talkin with her an telling her what we have been doing on our journey she offers us a job on a large CSA farm. What a blessing we just had fall into our laps. We now had the opportunity to continue learning, growing and maybe make a lil money to continue once we left. So after further discussion we pass up the free beers, say good bye to the boys an head to our new farm.   Pulling up felt like a accomplishment after hours of gripping the steering wheel an riding the break for we were in a ex large tissue box barely making it around these sharp mountain roads. It was time to breathe and thank whoever up there helped us get there an simply smile from the  three hundred and sixty degrees of pure beauty - a paradise of not only birds but all  things  you could  imagine in it's  purest beauty. For the next few months we worked this land earning our keep. From watching the plants an fruits blossom to all animals coexisting like I've never seen before. We worked hard, never gave up an learned so much from the great plants to the history of the great people whom we will never forget. Though we were far from who we call family This one of a kind family there never let us forget what family was all about. From making sure everyone was ok an well to sharing  family holidays as if we had always been there. The greats of  this land made sure with left with memories, new love , and  just what we needed to continue our journey. Since it was the birds of paradise my bird name was Hoopoe - a South American bird with a kick ass mohawk. Waking up an hitting the trails to the garden every morning made you slow down an take in the beauty around you.  They had deer that would run in this shallow valley better known as "tick valley" (just so happens our dogs loved that same run which put us on tick patrol every day making sure our babies didn't end up with nasty lime disease!) They had a momma an baby bear that would do their morning rounds by our camp site every day waiting for us to slip up an leave something delicious they could smell an claim. One morning heading up just me an bray, my little one, I take note in her noticing something in a tree about 15 ft up in this amazing redwood tree. I decide I should freeze just like her an not take my eyes from where this odd noise was coming from. Next thing I know this bird about a foot and a half tall, black body, red head an a white patch on his chest comes from around this tree an stops an notices us he then makes the coolest noise I've ever heard come out  of a bird. So now I'm smiling from  ear to ear  an we stood simply enjoying this majestic bird. After a few times he  makes a circle around the tree then starts pecking so loud. Later after talking to the most epic man I know I learned that it was a rare western pacific wood pecker. Omg  how sweet is that!? Just think if I wouldn't have slowed down that glimpse of amazing would have passed me by. From then on I found myself listening a little more to nature an a little less to people, which is a feeling that not to many know. It's a respect you gain for everything  that really matters instead of just doing what we want with no care not even for the ones that know the most an get the least respect. No one hunted this land. They treated it just like the native amerians did an in return  the animals respected them sharing their land  and coexisting. What's really funny is I've heard of  this land, these people , an this farm growing up never once thinking I would be blessed to one day to experience it. While at  the CSA  there were wwoofers from France, Canada, NC, Utah , Oregon, Michigan, Alaska, an yours truly Louisiana. We have made great friends and have shared lots of stories. Hoping one day we will see them all again on our farm!!!!! Shout out to all the beauties we met! We love  y'all an can't wait to blow triangles again!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Paradise of Birds Call

Our arrival to our new home for the next 5 months was a treacherous climb in ole Teddy boy. Bee had all of the faith Jor and I were FREAKING out. When I looked forward to leaving in him it was not pretty - can i be shuttled off. Thanks. Teddy made it over and 'round them mountains through them woods - to birds of paradise we go. Surrounded by hills and mountains and still looking down over a valley where the cows moved. Some nights the coyotes howl in a circle as if there is one on every peak surrounding your camp.There are no city lights just you the stars and the moon - when it was there. When  there were clouds and fog we were usually above it and it was the most beautiful sight I will never forget. Sitting on the boulder formation looking down on a cloud filled valley floor - watching the sun come up lifting the humidity with it. A cool breeze passes and you are glad you are wearing your bathrobes. The crows calls off in the huddle of trees to the northeast where the moon would later rise. The rest of my life could have been spent on this boulder formation so many of us loved.
We were Brought to this farm in an emergency need for vegetable harvest. This was a giant CSA operation with huge fields and orchards. There were many days of relentless weeding on your knees back and neck barred to the very hot, dry sun of northern California in August/September. There were also just as hot days of harvesting, but they seemed less terrible because you are reaping the benefits of your hard work. In our case we thought of all of the hard work we put in on our other farms; along with this one, and the benefits seemed even juicier. Finally pulling something out of the dirt other than weeds!! Don't get me wrong we thoroughly enjoyed plowing and planting, but although i miss it the weeding got old. packing up CSA boxes for pick up/delivery was a fun group projects. This is when we really got a chance to meet the other WWOOFers. We had a small family of Utopians from Utah. A friendly traveler fellow of the Carolinas whom has a farm of his own we look forward to visiting. Our close friends from Louisiana shout out to Kite and Maddy!!!! Some friends from Oregon popped in for a quick visit. And one day the circus joined us then the party started. We had like 20 something friends to play with all day. Really it was hard work, but we helped eachother hang in there and push through the days.
Not only did we have fun human friends, but our human friends came with animal friends also not to mention the one that came with the farm. A beautiful golden like copper, but a girl; named Paloma. A beastly beauty of a black pit named Emma. A scrawny but intelligent rescue named Bean, the cutest other than Brayzli. The sisters Finnley and Sugar, they are lovely. Atlas a giant old bear who would lay around all day not moving, too big to i assume - sort of like the sandlot dog, but bigger. We had 5 cats out there we only lost two RIP Babykitty and Blue, may they run those hills for us while we are away. I may be forgetting dogs there were a lot of them I am a cat person and at some point there were too many damn dogs I ignored them all - most of the time.
Oh those sunrises, moonrises, hills, storms, trees, boulders, winds will be with me forever. Someday I will go back and then I may not leave. In loving memory of My Babykitty.