Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Monday, March 2, 2015

Paradise of Birds Call

Our arrival to our new home for the next 5 months was a treacherous climb in ole Teddy boy. Bee had all of the faith Jor and I were FREAKING out. When I looked forward to leaving in him it was not pretty - can i be shuttled off. Thanks. Teddy made it over and 'round them mountains through them woods - to birds of paradise we go. Surrounded by hills and mountains and still looking down over a valley where the cows moved. Some nights the coyotes howl in a circle as if there is one on every peak surrounding your camp.There are no city lights just you the stars and the moon - when it was there. When  there were clouds and fog we were usually above it and it was the most beautiful sight I will never forget. Sitting on the boulder formation looking down on a cloud filled valley floor - watching the sun come up lifting the humidity with it. A cool breeze passes and you are glad you are wearing your bathrobes. The crows calls off in the huddle of trees to the northeast where the moon would later rise. The rest of my life could have been spent on this boulder formation so many of us loved.
We were Brought to this farm in an emergency need for vegetable harvest. This was a giant CSA operation with huge fields and orchards. There were many days of relentless weeding on your knees back and neck barred to the very hot, dry sun of northern California in August/September. There were also just as hot days of harvesting, but they seemed less terrible because you are reaping the benefits of your hard work. In our case we thought of all of the hard work we put in on our other farms; along with this one, and the benefits seemed even juicier. Finally pulling something out of the dirt other than weeds!! Don't get me wrong we thoroughly enjoyed plowing and planting, but although i miss it the weeding got old. packing up CSA boxes for pick up/delivery was a fun group projects. This is when we really got a chance to meet the other WWOOFers. We had a small family of Utopians from Utah. A friendly traveler fellow of the Carolinas whom has a farm of his own we look forward to visiting. Our close friends from Louisiana shout out to Kite and Maddy!!!! Some friends from Oregon popped in for a quick visit. And one day the circus joined us then the party started. We had like 20 something friends to play with all day. Really it was hard work, but we helped eachother hang in there and push through the days.
Not only did we have fun human friends, but our human friends came with animal friends also not to mention the one that came with the farm. A beautiful golden like copper, but a girl; named Paloma. A beastly beauty of a black pit named Emma. A scrawny but intelligent rescue named Bean, the cutest other than Brayzli. The sisters Finnley and Sugar, they are lovely. Atlas a giant old bear who would lay around all day not moving, too big to i assume - sort of like the sandlot dog, but bigger. We had 5 cats out there we only lost two RIP Babykitty and Blue, may they run those hills for us while we are away. I may be forgetting dogs there were a lot of them I am a cat person and at some point there were too many damn dogs I ignored them all - most of the time.
Oh those sunrises, moonrises, hills, storms, trees, boulders, winds will be with me forever. Someday I will go back and then I may not leave. In loving memory of My Babykitty.

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