Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ferel Farm Agroforestry

Picking up Jordan's sister at the Seattle airport was a journey in itself. Seattle if no one knows is like a Mini New York City there is so much concrete, people, and buildings. Add super steep 10% incline hills to the equation in Teddy equals lots of  "Oh shit" moments. Being we had an addition to our crew for the next three weeks an wanted her to some what enjoy her stay we decided on exploring Seattle seeing all the great things people talk about an slowly preparing Mckenzie for what it is that we actually do. So after a long day in Seattle we hit up the food bank to prepare for our trip up towards the northern cascade mountains.  Not only did she get to see the magic in free food an amazing people but she knew now that we had food to eat on for a while an how big of a help it was to us being we have no permanent job to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on over priced gmo filled foods. We knew Thursday would be a long day on the road so we found a safe league place to park Teddy for the night  so we could prepare food an get some good sleep. Thursday back on the road head up towards our new farm we made it up to Arlington which was about an hour from our farm an decide to sleep there for the next couple of days  relaxing an redoing the seal on Teddy's roof for we were going in to a rainforest an wanted Teddy to stay dry. While we did manage to do the entire roof in a park there was also this awesome beach area off of it that we enjoyed for those couple of days. Saturday came so fast but we were ready for the new farm an the new people..

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