Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

From Washington to California!!!!!

WASHINGTON !!!!! Zigzagging the coast from the top working down was the best decision ever.  Not only were we going opposite of all the "global warming" weather every one hates but contributes to, but also going the direction in which the culture was set on this beautiful pacific west coast. Our universe was putting things in place for us to enjoy the coastal ride only some dream of! We met amazing, loving, open hearted people. But after all of that we knew the road was calling us back and we had more people to see, meet , greet,  and simply coexist with.  Cruising again 101 bound places to go things to see wind in my hair  back on the roller coaster of mountains and ocean breeze  circulating thru teddy putting grins on all even the friendly furry friends who chose us not knowing they would some day be on the ride of their life. Back to the 101 making a few stops but zooming through not taking long.  Finally making it to Oregon we decide we need to find a place to sleep so we can see it in the blazing sun. Spent the night behind the church right on rock away beach best spot ever but funny thing is the sign we slept on the side of a sign that said "Jesus loves you but you can't sleep here". That's definitely a 20th century Jesus saying. But my universe gave me the thumbs up like the dude ya know. Waking up with a grin feeling fully accomplished, crashing waves on an empty shore roaring for us and our furry friends to come play. After Eleanor almost purring a lung out because they were in the largest box of sand to Bray and Copper drinking all the salt water they could to Babykitty adventuring in all nooks and crannies we were ready to explore more. Next thing you know we are hanging with caravan of glam and giving our buddy Harley a ride to as far as we could get him dropping him off and wishing him luck. Just before getting out of Oregon we see three guys hitching and I instantly pulled over to flip Teddy into a U. Now it's our tripod, their tripod, and the cast of homeward bound +1. The guys were all beautiful souls, two from Colorado and one from Wisconsin, all on the road for the same reason - to live, to FEEL what exactly that is. "Time is living" not what your going to do next at what time. So us, the new age Brady bunch, headed to the Redwoods in Cali to camp out for a night or few at the perfect campsite where we just soaked up this historical national park and to go on a few amazing hikes. Later Andrew sprained his elbow after a Paul Bunyan show down! All the while not knowing that the universe was about to put us right were we needed to be......Stay tuned for more!!!

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