Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Footie Farm

Ready or not our wwoofing host thom an torie decided they would take us in for a few days so we can help, learn, an see their progress on their two year old permaculture set up. We have learned so much in just a few days and have opened our minds to this form of gardening. Thom has also told us tons of stories from him being a game show host on Ask an Alaskan , being a disc jockey, to his teaching career on video production. Thom an Thow are both retired teachers who are trying to reduce their carbon foot print an also be an asset to their community. I think the fact of them being teachers was why we were able to learn so much. They get straight to the context clues of everything they wanted to learn an boy has it helped us retain the knowledge. We are grateful that they let us come an have a mid way point to stop thank god for teddy he gives us a ride an a place to lay our heads every night. Working there gave us the chance to meet mike an cara  which took us in for a couple of days allowing us to see there complete opposite approach to their two year permaculture food forest in a valley. They were great host we ate amazing meals all prepared by cara, learned lots about  ways  to approach this type of gardening, and what key things to consider when we finally start looking for a place  that we would like to start our community. They shred many of stories with us from things they did with their kids,  to places they have traveled, and  their own personal journeys in  self soul searching. They are only a small part of our adventure but these two couples will be forever remembered an loved by our traveling tripod.

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