Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thom and Thow ( TnT ) the dynamite couple

Hello all!!!! Logan here from FooteHills Farm.

Once again we arrive at a new farm expecting something completely different. Luckily so far the farms have been better than we imagined. We arrived at FooteHills Farm thinking there were children and the farm would be gigantic. Instead the farm is the smallest we have been to and no children. I chose this farm because Tori practices herbal medicine, and I have things to begin to learn. They are not quite ready to host WWOOFers, but we have Teddy. Tori and I walked the property gathering st. johns wort the first day.. we also gathered yarrow. I had learned about yarrow at our last farm, Native Ideals. Feeling uplifted by my knowledge gain I started spotting a lot of native wild flowers, like blazing star. (Shout out to R&B @ Native Ideals Seed Farm) But now i was going to learn to use it to make an oil. Yarrow is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent. It is recommended to treat wounds, bruises, and sprains used as a poultice. Herbs and wild flowers are so amazing. I am only beginning to learn about the basics, but before long I will be growing my own and mixing them in tinctures and salves. TnT has allowed us to their amazing collection of permaculture and herb books. Thom even wrote us a message in his first permaculture book and gave it to us as a good luck i hope you succeed. They allowed us to join them at the Spokane City Council meeting  our second night. We were there to oppose the ordinance on Neonicotinoids. If you have not heard of this epidemic you must do your research... this poison is hurting bees, and if you have not seen The Bee Movie then you need to also do that.  We also had an amazing dinner with some friends of theirs Mike and Cara they offered for us to also stay on their farm to help out and experience more permaculture. They have a food forest we are dying to see. Thom is a pun-ist, I just made that up he is just very punny, killing us with puns. Thom is a hell of a man and Thow is a hell of a woman they are the dynamite couple. It has been a blast. We, as in the Tripod, feel this has been our most educational farm. It makes sense beings TnT are retired teachers, and only a few years ago started their journey into permaculture. I must say they are on their way to a progressive operation. Their minds are fresh with knowledge they want to spread, and they have hit us with it full blast. The Tripod has learned a lot from our past farms also, we showed up and immediately started spitting off plant and weed names we have learned. Thom has given us some pretty challenging list, but we finished them both. We have had a great learning experience, although short, but we must move on to our next adventures; and Jordan Brittany and I are ready to see the Pacific Coast!!!!

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  1. Oh the pacific coast ❤ You girls are amazing and I just love reading about your adventures!!

    1. Thanks, Bree! We miss and love you. :)