Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure to spokane

Oh Fridays how you creep up so fast time to leave another farm. Bryce an Rebecca were a blast from working on the native flowers to showing us the town it was another learning experience under the belt of many. We were also able to meet Sam Thearing of New York who is a great singer check her out on Facebook. We hit up stockman's the only bar in arlee but on a Thursday you can catch a game of shoes with the locals, get great survive from the bar mate Rita, and sing karaoke with guru charla from Oregon.  It was a beautiful last day in arlee we had a farewell dinner with Sunie an Merrill  it was all so delicious we had cheese filled raviolis, fruit salad, veggie burgers, and sausage with bacon an pineapple in them. They have defiantly boosted us with positive vibes for our long journey. They had amazing stories about Their own adventures an cool things they have done in their many years on this earth. Now off to Spokane we head deciding to stop an sleep at the look out pass so early sat morning we can spend the day on the Hiawatha trail longest scenic bike path going from Taft Montana all the way through Idaho it's a 30 mile coarse an man was it beautiful couldn't have asked for a better goodbye to all the great things we've done in these states. After a long day on the trail we continued on our journey but stoping in state line sleeping in the free walmart parking right next to a water well an power how lovely to to have all those things with a bathroom can't bet it we will make it there tom. Sunday here we are Walmart Parkin lot using facilities an grabbing Things we need an on to the next farm the adventure continues an I couldn't be happier. 

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