Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Picture Update!

Hey there!

It's Jordan and I just wanted to thank you guys again for checking out our blog and loving us from so far away. We can't wait to see you again (even if we just met on this adventure). WE LOVE YOU!

Here are some pictures from Arlee and our journey across Idaho to Spokane.


Arlee, MT

 These are our amazing hosts from Arlee, Bryce and Rebecca. They are amazing! We truly loved our visit with you guys!

And this is THE cat lady, Logan, with Huey at Native Ideals. 

This is our new favorite game that Bryce and Rebecca introduced us to, Settlers. You should only try it if you're ready to be addicted. Hehe, we even debated making our own for the RV!

Bryce is a creative one -- do you see the ship and waves?

This is our first Sam WWOOFer. She was staying with Bryce and Rebecca when we arrived and came back to visit for the Clarkia party. 

This is Sunni and her beautiful memorial garden we helped her with. We laid that walkway and all of the surrounding brick and gravel. IT WAS AWESOME!

We also weeded and set up these boulders around this bed for Sunni and Merrill.

This is Rebecca's parents' front flower bed that we completely weeded. We pretty much made a whole new flower bed.

And this is the other Sam WWOOFer we met while at Native Ideals. This is the night we did karaoke at Stockmans', the only bar in Arlee. 

Montana/Idaho border

Our super cheesy start of the trail picture.

 This is a funny GIF from after we rode through the first tunnel of the Hiawatha. It was 1.7 miles long, pitch black, and 40 degrees! Whoa! But it was so awesome!

The trail was full of chipmunks (on the rock) and trestles (train bridge in the center of the mountains).

This is the view down from a trestle. It was really awesome to see and learn about where the railroad originated.  

Super ready!

 Our chipmunk buddies loved the crackers we brought!

Spokane, WA

Riverfront Park had a really neat GIANT red flyer with a slide!

The Tripod by the Falls. 

Spokane Falls located at Riverfront Park.

Admiring the majesty of the falls.

We also went to Manito Park, which was designed by the same people as Central Park in NY. It was beautifully manicured and had a Japanese garden.

 By the end of our adventure Teddy put some flowers in his hair to celebrate being so close to the coast!

It's been a great adventure so far and we all cannot wait to see what's in store for us next.
We hope you enjoyed the photo journey. We also wish you could be here to see it all in person.

All our best wishes,
The girls.

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  1. This is exciting to see! I'm glad you are enjoying life, kid! :o)