Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Friday, May 29, 2015

OVERDUE Photo Post.

Hey, everybody, it's Jordan! Just wanted to take a second and put up some extremely overdue pictures from our travels. It will just be pictures of stories we've written about so far, so up until B and I leave San Francisco. I'll upload more with more stories this weekend, it's part of my SUPER URGENT to do list. Thank you guys for still tuning in and thanks for loving us like you do. 


...okay, okay, cue the drum roll, please...
Let the fun begin!

So, way back when Logan posted that we were ripping up the carpets and painting Ol' Theodore. Well, these were during the process, obviously.

On our way across the top states, we heard over and over that Oregon beaches were the BEST.
Y'all, they were right. SO PRETTY!

(and BabyKitty is just too cute not to post.)

When we Finally made it to California, we were elated.
See for yourself! :)

[[WARNING: Redwoods will appear larger in person.]]

After the drive through Oregon, Teddy needed more fluids.

These 3 gentlemen are the travelers we picked up on HWY 101. 
Thanks, guys, you really made the Redwoods that much better!

In September, just after arriving to our farm in California, I had to be flown home for a family emergency. Luckily while I was there my grandpa felt better and it turned out to be a good visit after all. 
Here are some pictures I got while there. 

When I flew back to Cali I was greeted with the most beautiful scenery. 
It was breathtaking every single day.
Pictures, of course, don't do justice, but they're what I've got.
Turns out in the 4 months we were there, we mostly took scenery shots. 
Thanks again to our hosts for putting up with us for so long; we really loved the experience!
Enjoy the view! We sure did!

(never too busy to selfie with a view!) 

This was our "Farewell Photo Shoot" captured by Kit.
This is the infamous day when the 3 of us split up. Logan stayed behind on the farm and B and myself hit the road for San Francisco to meet up with ez_e. We'll meet up again soon, Lo.
Sending love your way!

Goodbye, Hill!
A special farewell went to Ms. Emma, the most beloved black pit boss we've ever loved. 
May you always catch those damned birds! 

Finally, here are our pictures from San Francisco.

While we were there we did a lot of site seeing and really just wandering around. See, in the big cities there is always so much going on that just looking around can give you entertainment for hours.   

One of our favorite things about the west coast is the abundance of street art, graffiti, and that definitely held true here. Every wall had something beautiful or inspirational painted on it.

We also did some tourist things like visiting Chinatown and biking the Golden Gate Bridge, which was awesome by the way! And super windy but who really cares when you're on it?

But mostly we just hung out with the pets.
Because they're cuter than the rest.

 We spent a month in the Bay Area and I don't think we bought groceries the whole time because we would go to the Oakland Food Bank once a week. Like most food banks we would usually end up with almost too much food! Any time we had food going bad or too much we would try to make what we could and give the rest to someone who needed it. A couple of times we ended up with A LOT of apples, so I made apple sauce! So yum and what a great snack!
(and the last picture is Aurora!)

Throughout our journey we have tried to give as much as we receive because we truly believe what you put out, you get back. So, thanks, Mother Universe, for you continue to shine down on us. 

Peace and love to all!~!~!

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