Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Thursday, April 9, 2015

millionaire lifestyle in San Francisco.

I've been dreaming of going to San Francisco and putting flowers in my hair for practically my whole life. So when B and I landed in the magical city, it was a dream come true. We drove in on the Golden Gate Bridge at night in awe of the beauty in all the lights. Our buddy from the dirty south, ez_e, was our welcome wagon that night. She helped us acclimate by showing us a sweet pizza place on Haight Street. Who was the most excited girl in California? This one. :)

(If you don't know the significance of Haight Street in history then you need to have a talk with Google. Enjoy!)

Our 2 day music extravaganza was incredible. If you ever get the chance to bring in the New Year on the west coast try to make it to the Sea Of Dreams in San Francisco. Not only did we get 2 days of great music (Lettuce, Beats Antique, Flying Lotus are just a few) but it was also covered in beautiful art and live mural paintings. So rad to see!

We spent our first couple of days just floating around the city, playing on Haight, and learning the ropes of street living in a big city. San Francisco may not be the biggest city we've been to, but it may be the most crowded. By square mile it's actually the same size as the city we're from in Louisiana called Lafayette, but has 8 times the amount of people, which could totally make it the tallest city we've been to. When you can't spread out, you must go up right? One perk of the big city was that we were not alone in our RV dwelling lifestyle. We learned quickly that there was an entire community of street dwellers both in and out of vehicles. We alternated between San Francisco and Oakland mostly, but adventured all over the Bay Area during our month there. We established relationships at the food bank and St. Vincent de Paul in Oakland for food and showers. We bought socks in Chinatown and they fell apart before we wore them. We donated almost all of our stuff and found some sweet deals on things we needed. I became a redhead and Brittany donated 10 inches to Locks of Love at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. That was a great experience! Turns out everyone loves a redhead. Hahaha. We also spent a lot of time at the beach and Golden Gate Park with the animals. We met some really beautiful people and just a few not so beautiful ones. All in all it was a really great way to spend a January.

While there B and I downsized from Teddy to a minivan named Aurora. Dont worry! We found the perfect home for Teddy. He went to a group of 3 girls who couldn't afford the outrageous rent of San Francisco but needed a place to live so that they could pursue their music careers. Good luck, ladies! I know Teddy is treating you well!!

That's basically our story of San Francisco. Our last stop was to drop off Theodore and head south for the remainder of winter. Thanks so much, Bay Area, you are truly beautiful and we can't wait to go back!!

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