Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

come take a drive with us.

I'm going to go ahead and give myself a hand for posting multiple consecutive blogs because I don't think that has happened...ever. Heh, maybe I'm not the best blogger, but oh well. Let's get down to business.


Yes. It IS that exciting. 
Finally had the chance to upload the pictures from San Francisco until now so you guys are in for a treat of awesome photographs. 
Prepare yourself for a magical journey. 

San Francisco
Here are a few more shots from SF that I felt like needed to be shared.
They're mostly Ocean Beach sunsets and pet play, so try not to explode. 

This was the day Ellie and I got chased off the beach by ravens.
She's just looks too cute tasty for her own good.

Santa Cruz
After SF our first stop was Santa Cruz where we played at the infamous Boardwalk on an empty weekday morning in January, which turned out to be the best time to be there. We had a lot of fun just being big kids for the day.
Retirement, the right way. ;)

Highway 1
As we traveled down HWY 1 we just took our time enjoying the scenery because let's be honest how many times are we going to have this opportunity? Probably not too often. 
So we made the most of it. 
These are from our time near Big Sur and Pfeiffer Beach (the one with PURPLE sand!)

As I promised, here are the cutesy family photos we took. :)

The rocks on the West Coast rock!

**purple sand**
**purple sand**

^^ The stars of our show. ^^

Sun in our eyes and sand on our toes, she's still my favorite.

**clams(?) cover all of the rocks on the shore**

**purple sand**

Elephant Seals
Somehow in my previous blog I skipped the part of our HWY 1 journey when we stumbled upon Elephant Seals all along the coast! (No idea how that slipped my mind.) Here are a couple of pictures we got before our cameras died. It was the part of their mating season when they nurse the young and teach them some things about being a giant elephant seal, like burying themselves in sand and how to make their funny noises. Like most pictures these don't do them justice because these things were huge and there were miles of them down the shore. 
Save the elephant seals, y'all. 
Don't litter!!!

Every night we'd stop to make dinner with a view.

We missed Joshua Tree in our drive North towards Vegas, but we did score some time in the Mojave Desert, which had this one Josh Tree at the rest area we made lunch at. 
We improvised.
Mojave Desert - most vibrant sunset award.

Superbowl Car Show
We found ourselves right outside of Barstow trying to find the old mining town of Calico and ended up at the annual Peggy Sue's 50s Diner Superbowl Car Show. What a treat! Who loves old cars? We do. Perfect!

Calico Ghost Town
After the car show we found our actual destination down the road on the other side of the HWY. Calico was an old ore mining town that got deserted in the desert in the 40s. They only had one big spike in residents before the turn of the twentieth century and now they do tours where you can pan for gold (or ore, I suppose).

Although the town was small they did have Chinatown. 
This was the bathing station there.
This was the actual ore hauling tunnel they used.

Our quick run through Vegas left us with a lot of pictures because by this time we were in turbo-tourist mode. 

Cupcake ATM/Cupcake graffiti

Art on the road is our favorite. 


Hoover Dam
We obviously couldn't leave Vegas for the Grand Canyon without stopping.
What sort of tourists do you think we are?!

**appears larger in person**

This was just before our second ever raven attack.
(she went back in the car after this.)

**much larger in person**

Friend Visits

Alyssa, our wonderful masseuse, and Sam, our beautiful dog lover.
(Emily, why and how did we not photograph our love sesh? Shame on us.)
Thanks again, ladies for helping us wrap up our trip across the country. 
Love you all!

Okay, guys! There are the pictures all the way from SF to Austin. Hope y'all had fun. Thanks for scrolling through and we hope you learned something! See you soon?!


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