Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Photo Montage

Photo Fun

 the lone Mardi Gras photo.

On Friday, March 13th we all got $13 tattoos! Go us!

Of the birthdays we were in town, Carter, my nephew turned 3. 
He's my favorite.

 **my siblings are cute**

 Brittany and I made him his own teepee! :)

Farewell, Louisiana; Hello, Alabama!



 Mystic, the african serval

 Nova the lynx

Pirate Primate, Kunda 
 Terry the kookaburro and Lindsay put on a show for us.

 We stopped and saw my aunt and cousin on our way to Tampa.
 And went to the Sugar Sand Festival in Clearwater with my uncle and other cousin.

 When we went back for Festival International the pups were pumped.
 Dustin Dale Gaspard, ladies and gentlemen! And Bre's cute face.
Super glad we got to see Salem before he flew back to Saudi Arabia.

 Luckily we had just enough time to re-do my grandma's garden. 

 Suwannee River.

 Purple Hatters Ball

Bret and David
April 21, 2015

 The great neighbors, Bob, Betty, Miriam, and Madison.
Uncle Bob and Larry.

 We did get the chance to see Taylor, our friend from Feral Farm in Rockport, WA.
It was really great to see her!

Our March Against Monsanto

Fun Lan Drive In.

We did some baking while we were here.  
 Apple pie and Banana Bread.

Again, thanks for scrolling through. We really appreciate the views!
~*~*~peace and love*~*~

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