Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Native Ideals, Arlee, MT

Monday, June 1, 2015

" Sea of Dreams" What are your dreams made of?

It was now a few days before the music festival we decided to treat our self to in San Francisco. Our friend Easy E had already been base lining in San Fran for a couple of weeks so we hit her up to get the city scoop. Where could we park Teddy over night? What areas were safe to be in? What has she learned from the other base liners that survive these streets every night? So after hours of her giving us all the info she had learned we shared a few tricks of the trade with her. Now knowing where we can park legally an safely we did what we do in every new town we arrive in. Calling up 211 and letting them know we are three travelers passing through and wanted to know the amenities that they have in the area. About 10 min later we had a list established. The sweet lady whom worked for 211 of the area gave us names, locations an numbers to all the things we would possibly need - from where to get three hot free meals a day, where we could wash our clothes for free, where we could get free wifi an all the hygiene products we could possibly need, to where we could get free food to prepare ourselves being we had a stove. Before traveling I would have never imagined the amenities homeless people actually have which help us continue the lifestyle of free living. We took E to her very first food bank an blew her mind with the amount of free food we three had walked away with. That evening we went back an cooked dinner. We had enough food to last us for next two weeks feeding us an some other homeless living near us. Now getting parked in a close location to where the music fest was so we could have good safe fun. Sea of Dreams live an in color making our dreams come true and blowing our minds from pretty lights to the Glitch Mob, Beats Antique,  Lettuce, and the amazing Flying Lotus. I want to give thanks to those artists' for making it the most memorable New Years!! Now getting settled in San Fran so that we could see all the things we have only ever heard of, read about, or seen on tv. First thing is first we had to bike the San Fran famous Golden Gate Bridge. Boy does it really let you take a good look at the city you could even see Alcatraz. Swapping spots we slept a couple night by golden gate park then slept a couple nights down on the pan handle right by Haight St. "Home Of The Hippies". We were living right across from Janis Joplin's old house and about a block or two from Jimi Hendrix red room. One day we decided we were going to walk the area catching all the famous sites from Haight an Ashbury, to hippie hill, to the famous Castro, to Mission. All leaving us with a different feeling we had walked half the city but never feeling better. I mean there were people who had lived there for quite some time not getting to enjoy the city like we were. They have so many characters in San Fran but my favorites were the ones who get ignored the most. Funny thing is those were some of the happiest people in the city. A great man we met down Haight in front of this lovely jazz/blues bar Mr Dan Neel, famous author, had told us about Baseliners an his books about them. After much convo he told Jordan and I that we should not stop what we were doing an that our journey was a great one an we would one day be legends. I must say not a day goes by I don't have that pop into my head. The family we met there will forever have a spot in my heart they showed us San Fran just like we had dreamed. We had great intentions an they felt it. What that family shared with us was not only MAGIC but History! An between food banks in Oakland an the beauty in Berkeley we discovered the jewels in those towns, too. Though we were having such a great time an met so many beautiful people we still had to leave because you know that road calls us after a couple of weeks reminding us what we are doing so we don't stray. We needed to get rid of Teddy first. (There was no need for all the space any more and face it who wants to fill that beast with the least of mpg.) Ocean Beach happened to be a blessing. We decided the smart thing to do was enjoy the beach as much as we could with for sale signs all around Teddy. Ocean Beach was popping with people an nonstop traffic; Teddy would definitely be spotted. Sure enough had a few calls but none quite like the day we sold Ted. A young girl called an asked if she and her mom could come check out Teddy today - of course I gave her the thumbs up. Jordan an I do a quick Clean Sweep of Teddy making sure he looked like the day we fell in love with him. Twenty mins later a blue haired girl approaches with her mom I can see the sparkle in her eyes - we had those same eyes the day we got him - so I start him up an take them for a tour she loved him. After she told us her story of why she was getting the RV, we knew we had to let Teddy go to the right place. Now teddy is sold! We bought a new(er) MPV Aurora, who was just what we needed. We had been getting rid of more things to make the rest of our journey an easy an enjoyable one.Now at this time we needed to sit down an come up with a some what of a plan. What route we were taking then from there the must stop an sees along the way. So after a day or so planing we had it mapped out an dated this Virgo was so happy. Now on a new adventure ready for the next chapters of our book to be played so that we can continue blogging for our vicarious readers.

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